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Expression of creatine kinase M and B mRNAs in treadmill trained rat skeletal muscle.

Gastrocnemius muscle from treadmill trained rats was analyzed for creatine kinase (CK) isoenzyme activities by agarose electrophoresis and M and B CK mRNA levels by Northern blot analysis. Total CK activity in exercise-trained (143 (SD 15) U/g) and control (154 (SD 16) U/g) muscles did not differ. CK-MB increased 220% in exercised-trained muscle compared to controls. CK-B subunit mRNA increased 40%, while CK-M subunit mRNA decreased 42% in exercised-trained muscle compared to control. Thus, gene expression of CK isoenzymes appears to be partially controlled at the level of transcription following exercise training.[1]


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