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Lambda foo: a lambda phage vector for the expression of foreign proteins.

This work describes a lambda phage expression system, lambda foo, that produces foreign proteins fused to the surface of the virus particle. The lambda foo vector has multiple cloning sites for the insertion of a foreign DNA fragment and color selection for recombinants. Foreign proteins are fused to the C terminus of a truncated phage tail protein, pV, by a peptide linker. Conditional chain termination allows the assembly and fusion of multisubunit proteins. We have attached the complete Escherichia coli beta-galactosidase and the plant Bauhinia purpurea agglutinin by cloning their genes into the vector. The constructs express functionally active proteins on the phage particle surface and have been purified by affinity chromatography with an antibody for beta-galactosidase and a mucin as a ligand for Bauhinia purpurea agglutinin.[1]


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