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Low-temperature ashing of bovine dentine.

The present studies were performed to obtain data on the low-temperature ashing (lta of dentine. Observations of colour and acid solubility, measurement of weight loss, and chemical analyses of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen assessed the ashing efficiency. The LTA method was sufficient to deproteinize dentine powder below 300 mesh. The determinations of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in dentine showed no significant differences between LTA, muffle furnace ashing (MFA), and wet ashing. The carbonate content was not significantly different after drying and LTA, but apporximately 48% carbonate was lost using MFA. X-ray diffraction patterns of dentine powder showed no detectable changes before and after LTA treatment compared to the patterns after treatment by MFA and/or ethylenediamine extraction.[1]


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