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Cyclandelate in the treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Twenty-one patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis were treated for twelve months with placebo or cyclandelate (Cyclospasmol), 400 mg four times daily, in a double-blind study with medication cross-over after six months. The group included 8 men and 13 women, with a mean age of 69 years. Each patient showed at least 5 of 9 signs or symptoms adopted as "inclusion criteria" for the study. Concomitant psychotropic or other drug therapy was standardized or matched during the trial, and periodic assessments were made of the patients' behavioral, physical, neurologic and psychiatric status. No serious side effects were observed. There was no significant difference between the cyclandelate and placebo phases in measurements of physical state. Changes on the gross behavior scales were insufficient for analysis. Tests of memory, control of manual dexterity and comprehension of everyday situations showed statistically significant improvement during the cyclandelate phase. In contrast to placebo, no measurable intellectual decline occurred during cyclandelate therapy.[1]


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