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Cloning and characterization of the gene for phytoene desaturase ( Pds) from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum).

The gene Pds encodes phytoene desaturase, a key enzyme in carotenoid biosynthesis that converts phytoene to zeta-carotene. We have cloned and analyzed the genomic DNA sequence of Pds from tomato. In tomato Pds is comprised of 15 exons that, together with the introns occupy over 8 kb. A putative promoter sequence has been identified by comparison with the cDNA sequence of Pds. A consensus nucleotide sequence around intron splicing sites in tomato genes was determined by compiling data on 137 introns in 34 genes. This consensus sequence generally agrees with the consensus sequence of other higher plants with only minor differences that are unique to tomato.[1]


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