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Hypervariable region of hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein (E2/ NS1) in an agammaglobulinemic patient.

In an agammaglobulinemic patient with chronic hepatitis C, a previously identified hypervariable region of the major envelope glycoprotein remained unchanged for 2.5 years. Serum-derived RNA amplified by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction was cloned in a bacterial vector, and a minimum of three independent clones were sequenced by dideoxy chain termination reaction. Comparison of consensus sequences from three different time points during the chronic phase of infection showed absolute homology at both amino acid and nucleotide levels. This finding provides support for the role of antibody selection in generating genetic variation and viral persistence; also, it is consistent with the hypothesis that an epitope within this region is the site of virus neutralization. The observations show that the hepatitis seen in hepatitis C virus infection is not dependent on the humoral immune response.[1]


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