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Growth inhibition of rat liver epithelial tumor cells by monoterpenes does not involve Ras plasma membrane association.

The role of altered ras oncoprotein (Ras) farnesylation and membrane association in the growth inhibitory effects of several monoterpenes (limonene, perillic acid, perillyl alcohol, menthol, pinene and cineole) was investigated in rat liver epithelial cells. All of the above compounds except cineole inhibited the growth of viral Ha-ras-transformed rat liver epithelial cells (WB-ras cells) at concentrations of 0.25-2.5 mM. These cells, however, were not necessarily more sensitive to these compounds compared to non-transformed and viral raf-transformed rat liver epithelial cells. Growth inhibition by limonene, perillic acid and pinene was only partially restored (20-50%) by supplementing the culture medium with 2 mM mevalonic acid. Western blot analyses of cytosolic and membranous fractions of WB-ras cells treated with monoterpenes indicated no change in Ras distribution. In contrast, lovastatin, a potent inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl coenzyme A reductase and Ras farnesylation, specifically reduced WB-ras cell growth and increased cytosolic levels of Ras. Thus, monoterpene-induced growth inhibition of rat liver epithelial cells was dissimilar to lovastatin and did not appear to involve altered Ras plasma membrane association.[1]


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