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The expression of Vpre-B/lambda 5 surrogate light chain in early bone marrow precursor B cells of normal and B cell-deficient mutant mice.

Precursor B (pre-B) cells in bone marrow of normal and B cell-deficient mutant mice were analyzed for the expression of Vpre-B/lambda 5 surrogate light chain (SL). The surface expression of SL is confined to the early stages (pro-B and pre-B-I) of pre-B cell development and becomes undetectable once mu heavy chain (microH) is produced. The cell-cycle analysis revealed that cytoplasmic microH+ large cells (large pre-B-II), approximately 30% of which coexpressed SL in the cytoplasm, were most actively cycling, whereas cytoplasmic microH+ small cells (small pre-B-II) were SL- and not in cycle. The analysis of pre-B cells in B cell-deficient mice suggests that the large pre-B-II stage is a critical step for the selection and amplification of cells carrying functionally rearranged microH genes.[1]


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