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Outcome of pregnancy after laparoscopy and chromotubation during cycles of conception: a report of three cases.

BACKGROUND: Diagnostic tubal patency procedures may displace an early pregnancy. Hysterosalpingography performed in the presence of an unrecognized pregnancy has been reported to result in an ectopic pregnancy. No such information on laparoscopy performed during a cycle of conception has been reported. CASES: Three cases of laparoscopy were performed during the luteal phase of an unrecognized pregnancy cycle. The three patients were counseled to avoid conception before surgery. All had an undetectable serum hCG level within 3 days of surgery and an undetectable urine hCG level on the day of surgery. The three pregnancies had an uneventful prenatal course, with delivery at term. CONCLUSION: Although follicular phase scheduling of tubal patency tests would avoid potential pregnancy complications, the risk from luteal phase laparoscopy and chromotubation to an unrecognized pregnancy may be less than expected.[1]


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