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Follicular Phase

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Associations of Follicular Phase with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: The mean plasma estradiol level was 30% lower in the follicular phase in women with depression than in their matched controls: 191 + 136 vs 261 + 169 pmol/L (52 + 37 vs 71 + 46 pg/mL) [28].
  • RESULTS: There was a significant group x phase interaction with most of the finding explained by the reduction in cortical GABA levels during the follicular phase in those with PMDD compared with healthy controls [29].
  • Serum Dpyr was higher during the follicular phase (FP) than in the luteal phase (p = 0.027) [30].
  • Brief wake episodes modulate sleep-inhibited luteinizing hormone secretion in the early follicular phase [31].
  • After baseline sampling during a 24-h control period in the early follicular phase (days 1-6), two TMTDS patches were applied with an expected delivery rate of 300 microg testosterone daily over an application period of 3-4 days [32].

Gene context of Follicular Phase

  • Although greater absolute amounts of each species of IL-1 were secreted during the follicular phase, the ratio of agonist to antagonist secreted was greater in the luteal phase (p < 0.05), in agreement with previous studies of bioactivity [33].
  • IGFBP-3 concentrations decreased in healthy follicles as the follicular phase progressed [34].
  • In FF specimens obtained during the follicular phase, IGFBP-2 and the 28 kDa and 24 kDa species were present in 3-, 6-, and 19-fold higher amounts in atretic compared to healthy developing follicles, respectively, and were present in greater amounts in atretic FF than in serum [35].
  • We studied the GH and PRL responses to GHRH1-44 (50 micrograms IV) and the effect of a naloxone infusion (1.6 mg/hr), started 1 hr before GHRH administration, on this response in 12 female patients with AN, aged 15-30 yr, and in seven normal women, aged 19-27 yr, during the follicular phase as controls [36].
  • RESULTS: In the female patients, TSH, DHEAS, follicular-phase LH, and luteal-phase estradiol were significantly lower than in the control groups, with prolactin and SHBG significantly higher [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Follicular Phase


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