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Uric acid catabolism in the woolly monkey.

The degradation and excretion of 2-14C-uric acid were examined in three adult woolly monkeys (Lagothrix lagothrichia) to determine the basis for the relatively high serum and urinary uric acid concentrations previously reported in this species. Like man and the great apes which lack uricase, but in distinction to most other mammals, these animals converted very little urate to allantoin. Uric acid turnover, as has been reported for other New World monkeys, was several times that of normal man. Renal urate excretion as well as disposition by extrarenal mechanisms may protect Lagothrix vrom hyperuricemia. The capacity to convert urate to allantoin appears to have been lost late in the evolution of New World monkeys. The woolly monkey deserves further study as a primate model for investigations of enzyme replacement strategies.[1]


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