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The genomics of soluble proteins with collagenous domains: C1q, MBL, SP-A, SP-D, conglutinin, and CL-43.

The gene cluster encoding the A, B and C chains of human C1q has been localised to 1p34.1-1p36.3, on the short arm of chromosome 1. The C1q molecule, although it is not a lectin, shows certain structural and functional similarities to a group of mammalian C-type lectins which contain collagen-like regions. These lectins include the serum proteins conglutinin, mannose-binding lectin ( MBL) and Collectin-43 ( CL-43) and the lung surfactant proteins A and D ( SP-A and SP-D). The genes for MBL, SP-A and SP-D have been mapped to human chromosome 10, with at least two expressed SP-A genes (SP-AI and SP- AII) forming a cluster with an SP-A pseudogene. Somatic cell hybrid mapping places the human SP-A and SP-D genes at 10q22-q23 while MBL is localised at 10q21. Conglutinin and CL-43 have so far only been characterised in the bovine system but if there are human analogues of these proteins it seems likely that they will also map to the long arm of chromosome 10.[1]


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