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Tooth crown size and morphology in Turner syndrome.

The aims of this investigation were to analyze permanent tooth crown size and morphology and to perform symmetry analysis between corresponding teeth on the right and the left side. The material comprised 32 Turner syndrome patients aged 7-16.7 years. As controls served 33 normal girls 10.2-16.7 years old. The mesiodistal diameter was significantly reduced for every tooth measured except for the maxillary canine. The buccolingual dimension was reduced only for some teeth. Eleven morphologic traits were defined. Ten of these were identified in the Turner patients; seven occurred in the controls as well, but at a lower frequency. Some of the traits have not been described earlier for this group of patients. There was a significant difference between Turner and control patients both in the number of patients with bilateral tooth asymmetries and in the number of corresponding tooth pairs in the maxilla with bilateral asymmetry. No significant differences were found between the 45X patients and the other karyotypes. Maxillary central incisors showed a surprisingly high relative frequency (38.5%) of bilateral asymmetry.[1]


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