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Gene Review

TNR1  -  Turner syndrome 1

Homo sapiens

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  • As an important therapeutic consideration, we describe psychologically detrimental effects of delayed estrogen treatment with an older Turner syndrome patient [4].
  • To examine this further, we investigated temporal lobe morphology, metabolism and function in nine children with non-mosaic Turner syndrome using magnetic resonance imaging, (1)H magnetic resonance spectroscopy and neuropsychological testing and compared outcomes with results from nine age-matched control girls (46,XX) [27].
  • Impaired glucose tolerance was present in most Turner syndrome patients (6 of 10), but not in the control subjects [28].
  • Androgen-responsive aspects of cognition in girls with Turner syndrome [14].
  • METHODS: One hundred fifty-four girls with Turner syndrome, aged 7-13 yr, were randomly assigned to one of two groups: 1) GH by sc injection six times per week (0.30 mg/kg.wk), and 2) control (C), no GH treatment [29].

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