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Individualizing vancomycin dosing regimens: an evaluation of two pharmacokinetic dosing programs in critically ill patients.

We evaluated the predictive performance of two commercial computer programs (Abbott and Simkin) for pharmacokinetic dosing of vancomycin in 50 critically ill patients, 40 with hematologic malignancies and 10 in intensive care. Predictive performance was assessed for both pharmacokinetics and forecasting vancomycin serum levels by using a set of peak and trough drug levels per patient. The effect of renal function and serum sampling (steady state, nonsteady state) on predictive performance of both programs was also analyzed. No statistically significant differences were found between the programs for predicting either pharmacokinetics or serum levels, regardless of a patient's renal function or serum sampling. The Abbott and Simkin programs were similar for individualizing vancomycin dosage regimens.[1]


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