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Chemical Compound Review

Abbott     1,2-dipropan-2-yl-1,2,4- triazolidine-3,5...

Synonyms: NSC-30379, NSC30379, CTK8J0457, LS-156244, NSC 30379, ...
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Disease relevance of Abbott

  • Bragdon v. Abbott: the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIV infection [1].
  • Among patients with chronic active hepatitis (7%), 80% were anti-HCV positive by the Abbott test (P = 0.002), and 75% were anti-HCV positive by the UBI assay (P less than 0.001) [2].
  • RESULTS: Among patients with cirrhosis (32%), 62% were anti-HCV positive by the Abbott test (P = 0.006), and 41% were anti-HCV positive by the UBI assay (P = 0.007) [2].
  • With this assay the capacity of anti-HBs antibodies to inhibit the binding of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) with solid-phase anti-HBs (Ausria II, Abbott Laboratories) was studied [3].
  • Determination of estrogen receptor content in 82 breast cancer specimens with immunocytochemical estrogen receptor assay (ER-EIA) (Abbott) was compared with our routinely used binding assay using 125I-estradiol as radioligand with Scatchard plot analysis of the binding data [4].

Psychiatry related information on Abbott

  • Patient specimens (n = 34) were tested in the laboratory using both Abbott Laboratories ADx (ADx) and EZ-SCREEN (EZS-LAB), and by the nursing staff of an inpatient substance abuse treatment program using the EZ-SCREEN (EZS-RN) [5].
  • A recent article (Klapp, Abbott, Coffman, Greim, Snider, and Young, 1979) has concluded that central time demands of motor programming can only be determined by choice reaction time methodology [6].
  • Abbott and SFH shared a common vision for the project and enhanced their partnership through increased communication and problem solving [7].
  • Walkup and Abbott (1978) stated that Edwards and Ashworth's (1977) failure to replicate Bem's (1974) selection of items for the Masculinity and Femininity Scales of the Bern Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) may be attributed to differences in the instructions and anchored rating scales used in the two studies [8].
  • OBJECTIVE: This study sought to determine the effectiveness of a recently developed educational patient compliance program (A Taste for Life [1995]; Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL) on improving serum phosphate levels in patients receiving hemodialysis [9].

High impact information on Abbott


Chemical compound and disease context of Abbott


Biological context of Abbott


Anatomical context of Abbott

  • Estrogen receptor determinations have been performed on 241 cytosols from 160 breast cancer tumors using both radioactive ligands ([3H])-estradiol, [3H]R2858) and monoclonal antibodies (Abbott ER-EIA Kit) in order to compare the two methods and to evaluate the clinical usefulness of the new immunological, simplified assay [24].
  • RESULTS: Abbott HIV-1-EIA kits detected non-neutralizable antigens in early post-transplantation sera from 12 kidney, five bone-marrow and two heart recipients [25].
  • Tissue recombinant experiments show that the mutation affects the ectoderm, extending the time it responds to ridge induction (R.A. Fraser and U.K. Abbott (1971). J. Exp. Zool. 176, 237-248) while the mesoderm is normal [26].
  • We established a reference interval with both the Abbott IMx microparticle enzyme-linked immunoassay (EIA) (0.6-2.0 mg/L) and the Pharmacia beta 2-micro EIA 96 method (0.8-2.2 mg/L) for beta 2-microglobulin in cerebrospinal fluid [27].
  • Bilirubin in amniotic fluid does not interfere with the Abbott TDx FLM II assay [28].

Associations of Abbott with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Abbott


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Abbott

  • Antibody to HCV (anti-HCV) positivity as defined by a repeatedly-reactive enzyme immunoassay and a positive neutralization enzyme immunoassay (Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, Ill) [37].
  • A commercially available solid phase radioimmunoassay for antibody to HBSAg (Ausab, Abbott Laboratories North Chicago, Ill.) has been modified to detect the subtypes of HBSAg as well as the subtype-specific anti-HBS reactivities to detect the subtypes of HBSAg as well as the subtype-specific anti-HBS reactivities (anti-d, anti-y, and anti-w) [38].
  • Monoclonal H222sp gamma and peroxidase antiperoxidase procedures (Abbott kit) were applied in frozen sections, tumor imprints, and fine-needle aspirates [39].
  • METHODS: Archived sera obtained from 163 kidney transplant recipients at the time of transplantation were tested for anti-HCV using the Abbott HCV 2.0 second-generation test system [40].
  • AdbetaGal (5 x 10(9) plaque-forming units) and AAV2betaGal (5.3 x 10(9) DNase-resistant particles) were used to coat BiodivYsio stents with matrix HI coating (Abbott Vascular Devices, Galway, Ireland) [41].


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