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Sequence of a plant cDNA from Vicia faba encoding a novel Ran-related GTP-binding protein.

A clone obtained from a broad bean (Vicia faba) developing cotyledon cDNA library contained the complete coding sequence of a polypeptide with very high homology to the small GTP-binding proteins Ran from human cells and Spi1 from yeast. These proteins belong to the ras superfamily of proteins involved in different basic cellular processes. The Ran/Spi1 proteins interact with a protein bound to DNA (RCC1) and are thought to function in the regulation of the cell cycle. The amino acid sequence of the obtained plant Ran-homologue, designated Vfa-ran, is 74% and 76% identical to Ran and Spi1, respectively. The five functional, conserved domains of ras-related proteins are present in the Vfa-ran sequence. However, as in Ran/Spi1 the C-terminus of Vfa-ran is very acidic and lacks the Cys motif for isoprenylation. Northern blotting revealed a corresponding mRNA expression in broad bean roots, leaves, and cotyledons with the highest level in roots.[1]


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