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Identification of linotte, a new gene affecting learning and memory in Drosophila melanogaster.

We describe the identification of linotte, a new autosomal gene in Drosophila involved with learning and memory. The linotte mutant was derived from a PlacW transposon mutagenesis and was screened for three-hour memory deficits after classical conditioning of an olfactory avoidance response. Sensory and motor systems (olfactory acuity and shock reactivity) required for the classical conditioning experiments were normal in mutant linotte flies--indicating that the mutation disrupts learning/memory specifically. A chromosomal deficiency of the 37D region, where the linotte P insert was localized in situ, failed to complement linotte's memory defect, and flies from two lines homozygous for independent PlacW excisions show normal memory--indicating that the P insertion is responsible for the mutant phenotype. Additional behavior-genetic data suggest that linotte gene is non-vital.[1]


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