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Effects of sodium nitroprusside on left ventricular diastolic pressure-volume relations.

The effect of sodium nitroprusside on the relationship between left ventricular pressure and volume during diastole was studied in 11 patients with congestive heart failure. Nitroprusside was infused to lower mean arterial pressure approximately 20-30 mm Hg. High fidelity left ventricular pressures were recorded in all patients simultaneously with left ventricular cineangiography (biplane in eight and single plane in three patients), allowing precise measurement of pressure and volume throughout the cardiac cycle. Left ventricular diastolic pressure-volume curves were constructed in each patient from data obtained before and during nitroprusside infusion. In 9 of 11 patients there was a substantial downward displacement of the diastolic pressure-volume curve during nitroprusside infusion, with left ventricular pressure being lower for any given volume with nitroprusside. Serial left ventricular cineangiograms performed 15 min apart in six additional subjects who did not receive sodium nitroprusside showed no shift in the diastolic pressure-volume relation, indicating that the shift seen with nitroprusside was not due to the angiographic procedure itself. A possible explanation for the altered diastolic pressure-volume relationships with nitroprusside might be a direct relaxant effect of nitroprusside on ventricular muscle, similar to its known relaxant effect on vascular smooth muscle. Alternatively, nitroprusside may affect the diastolic pressure-volume curve by affecting viscous properties or by altering one or more of the extrinsic constraints acting upon the left ventricle.[1]


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