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Involvement of nitric oxide on the cytokine induced growth of glial cell.

The growth of C6 glioma cells was stimulated by TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma and IL-6 but not by TNF-beta. However, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma but not IL-6 induced the synthesis of NO in C6 cells. Moreover, N-monomethyl-L-arginine a competitive inhibitor of NO synthase blocked TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma-dependent proliferation and NO induction on C6 cells, but had no effect on IL-6-dependent proliferation. In addition, C6 proliferation induced by TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma was specifically blocked by inhibitors of cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinases such us H-9. Those results suggest that TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma but not IL-6 induce the growth of glia cells through the generation of NO which in turns activate a cyclic nucleotide dependent kinase.[1]


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