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Evaluation of the effect of thymoxamine solution 0.5% on mydriasis induced by ibopamine solution 1%.

The effects of thymoxamine 0.5% solution and of a placebo solution (mannitol) on the mydriasis induced by ibopamine 1% solution were evaluated in 8 healthy volunteers and 12 patients with eye diseases. One drop of ibopamine was instilled into each eye and 30 min later 1 drop of thymoxamine was instilled into one eye and 1 drop of placebo into the contralateral eye. Pupillary diameter was measured before and 30 min after the instillation of ibopamine, immediately before the treatment with thymoxamine and placebo and 30, 60 and 90 min after the instillation of thymoxamine or of placebo. Within 30 min of treatment, ibopamine had produced a statistically and clinically significant mydriatic effect. In eyes treated with thymoxamine, prompt reversal of mydriasis was observed, the baseline diameter being observed within 60 min. No difference in the time-course of the mydriatic effect was detected between healthy subjects and patients. The pupillary response to thymoxamine was not influenced by the colour of the iris. The tolerability of ibopamine and of thymoxamine was good. No local or systemic adverse events were seen or reported.[1]


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