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Effect of various types of sodium perborate on the pH of bleaching agents.

Time-dependent changes in the pH value of various types of sodium perborate solutions used as bleaching agents were evaluated. Sodium perborate-monohydrate (MH), sodium perborate-trihydrate (TRH), and sodium perborate-tetrahydrate are available. Each perborate was mixed with 10%, 15%, or 30% fresh hydrogen peroxide or with bidistilled water in a powder to liquid ratio of 2 g:1 ml, respectively. The pH values were recorded at baseline and after 1h, 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days, respectively. At baseline the pH values of MH, TRH, and tetrahydrate in conjunction with 30% H2O2 were 8.7, 7.0, and 7.5, respectively. The pH increased significantly with decreasing concentrations of H2O2. For TRH, MH, and tetrahydrate mixed with bidistilled water more alkaline values were measured at baseline and after 1 h. Due to solidification of the samples, the pH could not be determined for MH starting day 1 and for TRH starting day 3. In conclusion, the pH of bleaching pastes depends on the content of water of crystallization in sodium perborate, H2O2 concentration, and time of measurement. The bulk of the mixtures recorded reached alkaline pH values of 10 to 11. It is recommended that the pH of the mixture being used be checked to avoid potential postbleaching root resorption.[1]


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