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Isolation and chromosomal localization of CRKL, a human crk-like gene.

We have identified and partially characterized a gene located on chromosome 22, band q11, centromeric of the chronic myelogenous leukemia breakpoint region. A number of overlapping cDNAs were isolated from this locus and the largest of 1.8 kb was sequenced. Its deduced amino acid sequence shows homology to the SH2 domains of protein tyrosine kinases such as FER, and is strikingly similar to the cellular part of the v-crk oncogene product. We identified one SH2 and two SH3 domains within the 303 amino acid open reading frame of this crk-like gene, CRKL. The CRKL gene product is predicted to have a molecular mass of 36 kDa. In addition, we demonstrate that this gene does not represent the human homolog of v-crk but rather a novel gene potentially capable of mediating the transduction of intracellular signals.[1]


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