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Conjugation of phenylacetic acid and m- and p-hydroxyphenylacetic acids in the rat striatum.

Two factors that might regulate the levels of the trace acids, phenylacetic acid (PAA), m-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (mHPAA) and p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (pHPAA) in the rat striatum were investigated: first, formation of conjugates of these acids and second, transport out of the brain by a probenecid-sensitive system. The presence of conjugates of these acids was investigated by subjecting homogenates of rat striatum to hydrolysis. The concentrations of PAA were increased ten-fold by hydrolysis, pHPAA increased two-fold, and mHPAA was unaffected. These findings coupled with the failure of parglyline to decrease free or total PAA levels suggest that conjugation of PAA is an important factor regulating free PAA levels. The transport inhibitor, probenecid, increased the concentrations of free mHPAA, free pHPAA and the total concentrations of all three acids indicating that all three trace acids can be removed from the rat brain by a transport system.[1]


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