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Potentiation of RNA polymerase II transcription by Gal4-VP16 during but not after DNA replication and chromatin assembly.

Purified, reconstituted chromatin templates containing regular, physiological nucleosome spacing were transcribed in vitro by RNA polymerase II along with the Gal4-VP16 activator. When Gal4-VP16 was prebound to DNA before reconstitution of either H1-deficient or H1-containing chromatin, the resulting templates were transcribed with a similar efficiency. Under such conditions, we observed long-range (1000 bp) activation of transcription in vitro with H1-containing chromatin, but not naked DNA templates. When Gal4-VP16 was added to preassembled chromatin, the H1-deficient chromatin was transcriptionally active, whereas the H1-containing chromatin, which possessed properties similar to native chromatin, was transcriptionally inert. We then mimicked DNA replication and chromatin assembly at a replication fork and found that Gal4-VP16 could potentiate transcription during, but not after, replication and assembly of histone H1-containing chromatin. These experiments provide biochemical data that support a DNA replication-dependent mechanism for reconfiguration of chromatin structure and activation of transcription by Gal4-VP16.[1]


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