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Comparison of cDNAs from bovine brain coding for two isoforms of calreticulin.

Calreticulin is a major calcium-binding protein of the endoplasmic reticulum of non-muscle cells. In addition to a 1.9-kb calreticulin mRNA, some evidence has suggested the existence of another transcript of 3.75 kb, which is very similar to calreticulin. We report here the isolation and sequencing of cDNA clones from a bovine brain lambda gt11 cDNA library, two of which appear to code for calreticulin and a third for a novel isoform of calreticulin. The deduced amino-acid sequence of the novel clone shares high similarity with mouse calreticulin in the C-terminal 318 amino acids. However, its N-terminal sequence is completely divergent. Northern blot analysis of bovine cerebral cortex RNA indicates that the conserved region of the clone hybridizes to two messages of 1.9 kb and 3.75 kb. The divergent region of this clone hybridizes to the 3.75-kb message, but not to the 1.9-kb message. We believe that this novel clone corresponds to an alternate form of calreticulin which is identical to calreticulin toward the C-terminus, but completely different at the N-terminal region, and that this isoform is encoded by a much larger message.[1]


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