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IS870 requires a 5'-CTAG-3' target sequence to generate the stop codon for its large ORF1.

The TB regions of the Agrobacterium vitis octopine/cucumopine Ti plasmids constitute a family of related structures. All contain a bacterial insertion element downstream of the TB-iaaM gene, IS870. 1. Whereas 43 isolates with octopine/cucumopine Ti plasmids carry only one IS870 copy, strain Ag57 carries a second copy (IS870.2) 3.9 kb to the right of IS870.1 and part of the same TB region. Two other octopine/cucumopine strains carry an IS870 copy on their chromosome (IS870.3). A study of the unmodified insertion sites of IS870.2 and IS870.3, cloned from closely related strains, enabled us to delimit the IS870 elements. IS870 has a size of 1,152 bp and is terminated by inverted repeats. It contains a large open reading frame without a stop codon. However, a stop codon is generated by insertion into the target sequence 5'-CTAG-3'. IS870 is related to five other insertion sequence elements. For two of these, the stop codon of the largest open reading frame is also created by insertion into a CTAG target site.[1]


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