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An interdigitated columnar mosaic of cytochrome oxidase, zinc, and neurotransmitter-related molecules in cat and monkey visual cortex.

There is considerable physiological evidence for the compartmentalization of mammalian visual cortex into functional columnar modules, representing features of visual information processing such as eye and orientation specificity. However, anatomical markers of visual cortical compartmentalization have been described only for primate visual cortex. In this report, we describe an interdigitated mosaic of four neuroactive molecules which demarcate two distinct columnar systems in the kitten visual cortex. Serotonin 1C receptors and synaptic zinc were found to demarcate columns within layer IV of kitten visual cortex, which were interdigitated with a second, patchy system characterized by increased levels of cytochrome oxidase and acetylcholinesterase. In primate visual cortex, as well as in the kitten, synaptic zinc was periodically distributed in a manner precisely complementary to cytochrome oxidase. These findings provide an anatomical framework on which unifying hypotheses of the functional organization of columnar systems in mammalian visual cortex can be built.[1]


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