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p70 lupus autoantigen binds the enhancer of the T-cell receptor beta-chain gene.

The p70 (Ku) autoantigen has been described as a nonhistone nuclear protein recognized by antibodies from lupus patients. In our studies on the regulation of T-cell receptor (TCR) beta-chain gene expression we have identified the p70 lupus autoantigen as a DNA-binding protein that binds the enhancer of the TCR beta-chain gene. This enhancer is essential for expression of the TCR beta gene. The core TCR beta enhancer contains the E3 motif, which we show here is essential for enhancer activity. The protection of the E3 motif in T cells and the marked reduction in enhancer activity when the E3 motif is mutated underline its physiological importance in regulating beta enhancer activity. The p70 lupus autoantigen gene was identified by screening T-cell lambda gt11 libraries with an E3 probe. The gene encodes a protein which binds the E3 motif in a sequence-specific manner. The identification of a 70-kDa protein as a major E3-binding protein by UV crosslinking is consistent with the conclusion that the p70 lupus autoantigen binds the beta enhancer. Finally, we have shown that T-cell nuclear proteins which bind the E3 motif bear p70 (Ku) lupus autoantigenic determinants. Together these data suggest that the p70 autoantigen binds a critical motif in the beta enhancer and probably regulates TCR beta gene expression.[1]


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