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Gene Review

Tcrb  -  T cell receptor beta chain

Mus musculus

Synonyms: TCRbeta, Tib
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  • Restoration of early thymocyte differentiation in T-cell receptor beta-chain-deficient mutant mice by transmembrane signaling through CD3 epsilon [29].
  • One of these haplotypes (Tcre alpha) appears to arise from a recombination between the Tcrb alpha and Tcra alpha haplotypes, the latter being the most frequently found in the conventional inbred strains [30].
  • Tcrb and Tcrg gene polymorphism was investigated in high (H) and low (L) responder Biozzi mice from selection I, II, and GS by Southern blot analysis with appropriate V and C probes [15].
  • None of the hybrids had rearranged the Tcrb gene cluster and 13 contained DJ rearrangements at the Igh locus [14].
  • The map location of this cluster between IgK and Tcrb coincides with the morphological mutation hypodactyly (Hd) [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tcrb


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