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Deletion mapping and a highly reduced radiation hybrid in the Xp22.3-p22.2 region.

The human Xp22.3-p22.2 region contains several known disease genes as well as distinctive families of low copy repetitive sequences. In this study, we have developed new tools to more finely map this area. We have characterized a mapping panel of various cell lines and hybrids with different molecular breakpoints as defined by previously mapped reference markers from this region. The panel subdivides this area into nine distinct regions from DXS41 through the pseudoautosomal boundary. We have also identified a radiation-reduced somatic cell hybrid, Z4-7, that contains DXS31, DXS452, STS, DXS143, and DXS85, but not PABX, DXS16, or other single-copy probes from proximal Xp and Xq. A phage library was constructed from Z4-7 and over 80,000 plaques were screened with total human DNA. More than 100 positive clones were identified as potential new markers in this region. Nine of these have been mapped to the hybrid panel, and unique subclones have been isolated from three of these markers. The panel has also allowed us to map several other DNA markers, genes ( AMG, OA1), and repetitive elements of the DXF22S and DXF30S sequence families relative to the various breakpoints.[1]


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