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Furosemide VOR test for the detection of endolymphatic hydrops.

In order to detect endolymphatic hydrops, we applied three neuro-otologic examination methods, including the furosemide VOR test, the glycerol dehydration test, and electrocochleography in 61 patients with unilateral Menière's disease, 21 patients with delayed endolymphatic hydrops, and 10 patients with syphilitic labyrinthitis. The positive rate of the furosemide VOR test in patients with endolymphatic hydrops was more than 50%. Inconsistencies were observed between the results of the furosemide VOR test, the glycerol test and/or electrocochleography. Therefore, combined test battery of these tests is useful clinically for detecting endolymphatic hydrops in the vestibular and cochlear systems.[1]


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