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Gene context of Dehydration

  • Dehydration activates an NF-kappaB-driven, COX2-dependent survival mechanism in renal medullary interstitial cells [30].
  • These results indicate that two independent families of DREB proteins, DREB1 and DREB2, function as trans-acting factors in two separate signal transduction pathways under low-temperature and dehydration conditions, respectively [31].
  • Expression of the DREB1A gene and its two homologs was induced by low-temperature stress, whereas expression of the DREB2A gene and its single homolog was induced by dehydration [31].
  • Sequence analysis of an Arabidopsis cDNA clone, ERD5 (for early responsive to dehydration stress), isolated from plants dehydrated for 1 hr, revealed that it encodes a protein with identity to products of the yeast PUT1 (for proline utilization) gene (23.6% over 364 amino acids) and the Drosophila sluggish-A gene (34.5% over 255 amino acids) [32].
  • ProT2 transcripts were found ubiquitously throughout the plant, but expression was strongly induced under water or salt stress, implying that ProT2 plays an important role in nitrogen distribution during water stress, unlike members of the AAP gene family whose expression was repressed under the same conditions [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dehydration

  • Northern blot analysis showed that the AtPLC1 gene is expressed at very low levels in the plant under normal conditions but is induced to a significant extent under various environmental stresses, such as dehydration, salinity, and low temperature [34].
  • Intravenous infusion of glucose-amino acid complexes, formed during heat sterilization of mixtures of glucose and amino acids or protein hydrolysates, has been associated with mild dehydration in infants, and with excessive trace metal ion excretion in both infants and adults [35].
  • In the absence of water stress, low levels of ABA-dependent reporter activation were observed in the columella cells and quiescent center of the root as well as in the vascular tissues and stomata of cotyledons, suggesting a nonstress-related role for ABA in these cell types [36].
  • There was no evidence of severe dehydration or sepsis, and encephalopathy was rarely accompanied by abnormal laboratory data, except elevated CSF opening pressure, brain edema on CT, and slow waves on EEG [37].
  • 8. The iguana also drinks in response to extracellular dehydration produced by hyperoncotic peritoneal dialysis, and in response to I.P. angiotensin II [38].


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