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Dopaminergic function in two patients with catalepsy.

Apomorphine HC1 (2 mg subcutaneously), a dopamine receptor agonist, was administered to two schizophrenic patients with catalepsy. In one of these patients the clinical response to apomorphine was compared with that of sodium amytal and the growth hormone response apomorphine (0.75 mg subcutaneously) was compared with that of 25 control subjects. Apomorphine had no effect whereas sodium amytal caused rapid disappearance of catatonic symptoms including catalepsy. The peak growth hormone response to apomorphine was similar to that of controls. These data suggest that unlike experimental catalepsy in animals, catalepsy associated with schizophrenia may not be dependent on impaired dopaminergic function. Further case studies as well as the use of other dopamine receptor agonists are required before definite conclusions can be drawn.[1]


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