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Calcium channel antagonists in the management of anginal syndromes: changing concepts in relation to the role of coronary vasospasm.

Despite the increasing evidence that alterations in coronary vascular tone can and do occur in patients with anginal syndromes, only in a minority of such patients with Prinzmetal's angina is there decisive evidence that the coronary vasodilation induced by calcium channel antagonists (CCAs) plays a specific therapeutic role. CCAs may also give therapeutic benefit in a number of conditions in which coronary vasoconstriction may contribute to ischemia, such as hyperventilation, cold-induced angina, or silent ischemia not caused by an increase in heart rate. Thus, the decision of whether or not to use CCAs in angina syndromes will often have to be made on grounds other than what appears to be a minor role of vasospasm in the overall spectrum of angina. There are preliminary indications that the long-term prognosis may be different among different categories of CCAs.[1]


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