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Chemical Compound Review

Curantil     2-[[4-(bis(2- hydroxyethyl)amino)-2,7- bis(1...

Synonyms: Curantyl, Kurantil, Persantin, Miosen, Persantine, ...
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  • The prognosis for return to work was influenced, in order of predictive value, by the length of preoperative unemployment, type of physical activity in preoperative occupation, noncardiovascular illness, education, anginal class and duration of symptoms [6].
  • OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to test whether cutaneous thermal pain thresholds are related to anginal pain perception [7].
  • Lack of efficacy of the adenosine reuptake inhibitor dipyridamole in the treatment of anxiety disorders [8].
  • In view of associated findings that marijuana smoking decreased myocardial oxygen delivery, decreased exercise time until the onset of anginal pain, and increased myocardial oxygen demand in anginal patients, the use of marijuana by such patients is clearly inadvisable [9].
  • Clinical decision making: dipyridamole thallium imaging [10].

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