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A controlled study of cognitive behaviour therapy with buspirone or placebo in panic disorder with agoraphobia.

BACKGROUND. This multicentre study compared a 16-week buspirone treatment with placebo in patients presenting with panic disorder with agoraphobia and also receiving cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). METHOD. Double-blind testing was maintained until week 68, but not tested; 91 patients were included; 14 placebo-responders excluded; 77 patients randomised; 48 reached week 16 and 41 reached week 68. RESULTS. At week 16, within-group analysis showed significant improvements in agoraphobia, panic attacks, and depression in both groups. Generalised anxiety improved only in CBT+buspirone. Between-group comparisons showed buspirone to have an effect on generalised anxiety and agoraphobia. Changes in degree of agoraphobia and depression were correlated in subjects on CBT+buspirone only. A significantly higher proportion of women, and of subjects showing high avoidance dropped out. Positive expectations regarding medication predicted success in both groups. At week 68, improvement was retained without significant buspirone effect. CONCLUSION. Buspirone enhanced the effects of cognitive behaviour therapy on generalised anxiety and agoraphobia in the short term.[1]


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