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A second autosomal split hand/split foot locus maps to chromosome 10q24-q25.

Ectrodactyly (split hand/split foot malformation, SHSF) is a human limb malformation characterized by absent central digital rays, deep median cleft, and syndactyly of remaining digits. The disorder is genetically heterogeneous, with at least two loci thus far determined: an autosomal locus at 7q21 designated SHFM1 and an X- linked locus at Xq26 designated SHFM2. Cytogenetic analysis of sporadic SHSF patients and linkage studies in extended pedigrees both suggest more than one autosomal locus exists. We report a novel SHSF locus suggested by a stillborn infant with ectrodactyly and other malformations who inherited an unbalanced translocation resulting in monosomy 4p15.1-4pter and trisomy for 10q25.2-qter. To investigate 10q25 as a possible split hand/split foot locus, microsatellite markers spanning 52 cM of 10q were utilized for linkage analysis of a large autosomal dominant SHSF pedigree in which the region encompassing SHFM1 previously was excluded as containing the causative mutation. The marker D10S583 was fully informative in the family, giving a maximum LOD score of 4.21 at recombination theta = 0.00. Recombination haplotypes define the 9 cM region between D10S541 and D10S574 as inclusive for this second autosomal SHSF locus, for which we propose the designation SHFM3.[1]


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