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Development of an integrated radiotherapy network system.

PURPOSE: To introduce the process of developing an integrated radiotherapy network. METHODS AND MATERIALS: We developed a new radiotherapy treatment-planning system in 1987 that we named the Computer Tomography (CT) simulator. CT images were immediately transported to multiimage monitors and to a planning computer, and treatment planning could be performed with the patient lying on the CT couch. The results of planning were used to guide a laser projector, and radiation fields were projected onto the skin of the patient. Since 1991, an integrated radiotherapy network system has been developed, which consists of a picture archiving and communicating system (PACS), a radiotherapy information database, a CT simulator, and a linear accelerator with a multileaf collimator. RESULTS: Clinical experience has been accumulated in more than 1,000 patients. Based on our 7 years of experience, we have modified several components of our original CT simulator and have developed a second generation CT simulator. A standard protocol has been developed for communication between the CT scanner, treatment planning computer, and radiotherapy apparatus using the Ethernet network. As a result, treatment planning data can be transported to the linear accelerator within 1 min after completion of treatment planning. CONCLUSION: This system enables us to make optimal use of CT information and to devise accurate three-dimensional (3D) treatment-planning programs. Our network also allows for the performance of fully computer-controlled dynamic arc conformal therapy.[1]


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