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Particle Accelerators

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Disease relevance of Particle Accelerators


High impact information on Particle Accelerators

  • In study 2, patients received high-dose oral prednisone for 6 months (initial dosage, 80 to 100 mg/d) and underwent orbital radiation therapy by linear accelerator (cumulative dose, 20 Gy per eye over 2 weeks) [6].
  • For this purpose, xanthine (X) and xanthine oxidase (XOD) were employed as an O2.- (-)generating system, and a linear accelerator was used for ionizing radiation [7].
  • The effect of whole body ionising radiation from a linear accelerator on rat tissue O6-methylguanine (O6-meG) methyltransferase (MT) activity has been assessed using an assay which measures the transfer of 3H-radioactivity from 3H-methylated substrate DNA to protein [8].
  • Results show the similarity and adequacy of the neck dose distribution using photon beams from cobalt 60, a 4-MV linear accelerator with an external filter, and a 10-MV linear accelerator [9].
  • Equipment used for this purpose includes a Mevatron XII linear accelerator, redesigned for automatic control, and a PDP 11/45 minicomputer [10].

Biological context of Particle Accelerators


Anatomical context of Particle Accelerators


Associations of Particle Accelerators with chemical compounds


Gene context of Particle Accelerators

  • To investigate the effect of beam characteristics on dose distributions, a three-dimensional TPS was used to calculate the isodose distributions for three different linear accelerators, the Varian Clinac 6/100, the Siemens MD2 and the Philips SL/7 for the three patients [19].
  • Evaluation of linear accelerator radiosurgical techniques using biophysical parameters (NTCP and TCP) [20].
  • By a three-dimensional planning system (TMS, Helax 6.1B) the irradiation was planned for an 18-MV linear accelerator (Primus 1, Siemens) [21].
  • MATERIAL AND METHODS: The method of fabrication of wedge shaped midline block is discussed for treatment of early stage cervical cancers based on the configuration of 137Cs pellets used in intracavitary applications and along with external photon beams obtained by using 60Co teletherapy machine and 6 and 10 MV linear accelerators [22].
  • The treatment plans were generated with HELIOS for delivery with 6 MV on a CL2100 Varian linear accelerator with a 26 pair MLC [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Particle Accelerators


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