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The influence of whole-arm trisomy on gene expression in Drosophila.

The biochemical consequences of extensive aneuploidy in Drosophila have been examined by measuring the levels of specific proteins in larvae trisomic for entire chromosome arms. By far the most common effect is a reduction in gene product levels (per gene template) by one-third from the diploid quantity, consistent with the model that concentration-dependent repressors of these loci reside on the duplicated chromosome arms. Most loci appear sensitive to such repression in one or more of the trisomies examined, suggesting that such regulatory loci might be quite common. Repression of gene-product levels in trisomies may significantly contribute to their inviability. Few loci are activated in trisomies implying that most factors necessary for gene expression are in excess. While autosomal trisomies can repress the expression of both X-linked and autosomal loci, X-chromosomal trisomies have little effect on most autosomal genes. A family of genes coding for larval serum proteins do not respond similarly in trisomies, suggesting that regulation operates on a process which is not common to their coordinate regulation. Finally, Adh genes transposed to new chromosomal positions maintain their ability to be repressed in 3L trisomies suggesting that this response to regulation involves a closely linked cis-acting regulatory element.[1]


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