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Structure/functional properties of the yeast dual regulator protein NGG1 that are required for glucose repression.

NGG1p/ADA3p is a yeast dual function regulator required for the complete glucose repression of GAL4p-activated genes (Brandl, C. J., Furlanetto, A. M., Martens, J. A., and Hamilton, K. S. (1993) EMBO J. 12, 5255-5265). Evidence for a direct role for NGG1p in regulating activator function is supported by the finding that NGG1p is also required for transcriptional activation by GAL4p-VPl6 and LexA-GCN4p (Pina, B., Berger, S. L., Marcus, G. A., Silverman, N., Agapite, J., and Guarente, L. (1993) Mol. Cell. Biol. 13, 5981-5989). By analyzing deletion derivatives of the 702-amino acid protein, we identified a region essential for glucose repression within residues 274-373. Essential sequences were further localized to a segment rich in Phe residues that is predicted to be an amphipathic alpha helix. As well as finding mutations within this region that reduced glucose repression, we identified mutations that made NGG1p a better repressor. In addition, NGG1p probably represses GAL4p activity as part of a complex containing ADA2p because single and double disruptions of ngg1 and ada2 had comparable effects on glucose repression. We also localized a transcriptional activation domain within the amino-terminal amino acids of NGG1p that is proximal or overlapping the region required for glucose repression. Activation by GAL4p-NGG1p(1-373) requires ADA2p; however, activation by GAL4p-NGG1p(1-308), is ADA2p-independent. This suggests that a site required for ADA2p interaction lies between amino acids 308 and 373 and that ADA2p has a regulatory role in activation by GAL4p-NGG1p(1-373).[1]


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