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Impaired synthesis of retinol-binding protein and transthyretin in rat liver with bile duct obstruction.

To gain further insight into the protein metabolism in bile duct-obstruction, we examined the synthesis of retinol-binding protein ( RBP) and transthyretin ( TTR) in rats with common bile duct-ligation. In these rats, liver and plasma levels of RBP and TTR decreased markedly, whereas liver retinoid contents remained unchanged. Although there appeared no decrease in the total amount of RBP or TTR mRNA expressed in the liver, the subcellular distribution of these mRNAs changed from the membrane-bound polysome fraction to the membrane-unbound polysome fraction. This abnormal distribution recovered rapidly after biliary drainage, resulting in the subsequent recovery of the plasma RBP and TTR levels. These observations suggest that cholestasis inhibits the synthesis and secretion of RBP and TTR by disrupting the binding of their mRNAs to membrane-bound polysomes. Plasma levels of RBP and TTR might be sensitive indicators of the recovery of protein synthesis after biliary drainage in patients with obstructive biliary disorders.[1]


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