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Endoscopic surgery of the rhinobasis with a computer-assisted localizer.

The endoscope is useful for the diagnosis and surgical therapy of diseases of the nose, the paranasal sinuses and its neighboring regions, and allows for microinvasive, functional approaches. The reduced invasiveness of therapeutic procedures is sometimes accompanied by insufficient clearness of the surgical field, however. This significant problem is solved by the computer-assisted-surgery ( CAS) system, an intraoperative localizer. It allows continuous orientation based on three-dimensional reconstructed preoperative CT scans with superimposed positioning of the endoscope. We have now adapted CAS for endoscopic sinus surgery, which meant that a variety of visualization methods were tested. A conventional straightforward endoscope was used in combination with, or as, the localizing probe. A dual-display technique was adjusted to video-endoscopic procedures: the information of the localizer is displayed on one monitor while the video-endoscopic picture is viewed on a second screen. In addition, a single-display technique with both images on one monitor was developed. It proved to be the most promising way of combining endoscopy and intraoperative CT-image-guided localization.[1]


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