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Concentration-effect relationships of eltanolone given as a bolus dose or constant rate intravenous infusion to healthy male volunteers.

BACKGROUND: The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate concentration-effect relationships of the new steroid anesthetic eltanolone during recovery from a bolus dose and constant rate intravenous infusion in healthy male volunteers. METHODS: Ten subjects received a bolus dose of 0.75 mg/kg eltanolone over 20 s. A 2-h constant rate intravenous infusion of eltanolone was given to five subjects at a rate of 2 and to another five subjects at a rate of 3.5 Recovery performance was assessed as the time required to reach different end-points and by means of three different psychomotor tests. RESULTS: A low interindividual variability was found in the serum concentration of eltanolone at the pharmacodynamic end-points during recovery. The Cp50 value for "eye opening" was 382 micrograms/L (95% confidence interval, 285-489) after a bolus dose corresponding to a median time of 16 min (range 8-25). After eltanolone infusion, the Cp50 value for "eye opening" was 507 micrograms/L (95% confidence interval, 425-605) and the corresponding median time was 21 min (range 8-25) in the low-dose group and 49 min (range 31-66) in the high-dose group. The Cp50 values at the same effect end-points in the bolus group were less than those in the infusion groups, probably because of insufficient equilibration time between serum and the effect compartment. CONCLUSIONS: Recovery characteristics of eltanolone were predictable because of a relatively low interindividual variability in serum concentrations but with a slow blood:effect compartment equilibration.[1]


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