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Induction of dystrophin-associated proteins together with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by denervation in the absence of dystrophin in skeletal muscles of mdx mice.

We purified the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from digitonin-solubilized rabbit skeletal muscle by affinity chromatography and detected many proteins linked to AChR, including dystrophin, adhalin, beta-dystroglycan, utrophin, rapsyn, and actin. To determine whether or not AChR links to dystrophin-associated proteins (DAPs) without dystrophin, we studied the effects of denervation on AChR and DAPs in the skeletal muscle of a mdx mouse. Following surgical denervation, the levels of adhalin and beta-dystroglycan dramatically increased at the extrajunctional sarcolemma with AChR, suggesting that their association is independent of dystrophin. Furthermore, the diffuse extrajunctional appearance of adhalin, beta-dystroglycan, and AChR was observed after pharmacological denervation through the subcutaneous administration of succinylcholine. Since the depletion of DAPs and the subsequent disruption of sarcolemmal linkage are believed to be a primary cause of muscle cell necrosis in dystrophinopathies, pharmacological denervation may have some beneficial effect on these diseases.[1]


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