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Pepstatin, an ascites retardant of L1210 tumor-bearing mice.

The effect of pepstatin on the kinetics of ascitic fluid accumulation in L1210 tumor-bearing mice (DBA/2) was observed. Following inoculation of 1.5x10(6) tumor cells, untreated mice reached a peak of fluid accumulation on day 6 and remained at this level until death on day 9. A "lag" phase of 4 days occurred before fluid accumulation was seen. Pepstatin administered SC in a single dose of 80 mg/kg during the lag phase, significantly retarded fluid accumulation as compared to untreated animals. Pepstatin administered following fluid accumulation was much less effective. We concluded that pepstatin prevents fluid accumulation rather than acts as a diuretic agent. The term "ascites retardant" is suggested for the pharmacologic actions of pepstatin, since it prevents fluid accumulation without diminishing the cell count.[1]


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