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att, a target for regulation by tra2 in the testes of Drosophila melanogaster, encodes alternative RNAs and alternative proteins.

We have identified a gene, alternative testis transcripts ( att), which is alternatively expressed, at both the RNA and protein levels, in testes and somatic tissues. The testis-specific RNA differs from somatic RNAs in both promoter usage and RNA processing and is dependent on the function of the transformer 2 gene. The differences between the somatic and testis RNAs have substantial consequences at the protein level. The somatic RNAs encode a protein with homology to the mammalian Graves' disease carrier proteins. The testis RNA lacks the initiation codons used in somatic tissue and encodes two different proteins. One of these begins in a testis-specific exon, uses a reading frame different from that for the somatic protein, and is completely novel. The other protein initiates translation in the frame of the somatic RNA at a Len CUG codon which is within the open reading frame for the somatic protein. This produces a novel truncated version of the Graves' disease carrier protein-like protein that lacks all sequences N terminal to the first transmembrane domain.[1]


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