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Polysaccharide hydrolase production by the rumen fungus Caecomyces communis.

The anaerobic fungus Caecomyces communis was grown in a fermentor in either a discontinuous cultivation system or in a culture system with daily withdrawal and addition of fresh medium. Lowe and Orpin media were tested. The Lowe medium was best for the stimulation of enzyme production, the Orpin medium, for the stimulation of fungal growth and enzyme release. Xylanase activity was predominant among the polysaccharide hydrolases. Most of the enzymes studied were associated with cells except when the culture medium contained glucose or Ray grass hay. Enzymatic activities were constitutive, but their level was regulated by a carbon source. Cellulase production in both the cellular and extracellular fractions and the extracellular xylanase activity were stimulated by the presence of glucose. Cell-associated xylanase activity, however, was stimulated by glucose plus cellobiose. The presence of glucose enhanced enzyme release.[1]


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