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The blood-aqueous barrier in anisometropia and high myopia.

Functional disorder of the blood-ocular barrier has been suggested in cases of degenerative high myopia. Whether the blood-aqueous barrier among young high myopes with healthy vitreous suffers changes is worthy to be explored. Flare density was measured with the laser flare cell meter (Kowa) in highly myopic and anisometropic students. The mean flare density of highly myopic eyes in the myopic group (4.28 +/- 1.13 photon counts/ms) was similar to that of the emmetropic control group (4.24 +/- 1.79 photon counts/ms). Moreover, the difference in flare density between the two eyes of anisometropic patients was not statistically significant. Thus, the blood-aqueous barrier seems intact in young high myopes with healthy posterior vitreous and fundus.[1]


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